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Success means constantly pushing beyond your own limits. This is our time.

Never Stop. Never Settle.

All I Need

Welcome to a different kind of world.
Here, the old rules do not apply.
It isn’t about petrol or coal or gas.
It’s about energy. It’s about life.
Feel this energy as you walk through every street, on every corner,
Feel our endless energy, so electric you can almost see it, 
the energy that breaks through convention,
that makes new feel old in a minute,
that goes faster and faster until you can’t catch your breath.
All I need is one move to create a chain reaction.
All I need is my style to make these streets look good.
All I need is a mic to unite millions, an obstacle to break through it,
my heart to bring hope, my fire to open eyes.
It is my time. The time for the world to run after me.
To dance to the beat of my heart.
All I need is who I am.

Never Stop. Never Settle.


Vusumuzi Bobo Ndima,Fashion Entrepreneur, South Africa

From The Boys Of Soweto, his first fashion blog with his friends, to Suits By Bob The Stylist, his own tailor-made brand, Vusumuzi Bobo Ndima became a multi-facet fashion professional, moved by the will to create “works that will live forever.”

Slikour,Content producer/Hip-Hop Artist /Entrepreneur, South Africa

Well-known around his community as an early day hip-hop specialist, Siyabonga Metane aka Slikour, quickly found himself collecting, writing then producing music. He didn’t think twice before finding his way on stage and soon launching the online music platform Silkour On Life.

Anietie « AJE » James,Film maker, Nigeria

Anietie « AJE » James embraced his childhood passion for cinematography to tell his “own story.” Right when “there was a need for music professional videos” in Nigeria, he created his own production structure involving a wide range of professionals in his creative process.

Onye Ubanatu,Photographer / Video Content Creator, Nigeria

The name of Onye Ubanatu’s structure, My Passion My Life, sums up his career in photography and cinematography from a camera assistant to an award-winning Nigerian creative entrepreneur, documentary producer and director.

Serge Beynaud,singer/producer, Ivory Coast

Being a beat maker in Abidjan would be an achievement to many, but this wasn’t enough for Serge Beynaud who decided to try to sing and soon enough created his own record label, a structure that opens the way to younger talents and goes beyond borders.

Sindiso Nyoni aka R!ot,Graphic Artist, Zimbabwe

Two years after completing his studies in Johannesburg, Bulawayo-born artist Sindiso Nyoni dropped his agency work to set up his own graphic studio, completely assume his poster artist pseudonym, R!ot, and reflect the “soul of the city.”

Kaffy,Creative Director/Choreographer/Entrepreneur, Nigeria

If dance is often perceived as a past time by too many, for Kaffy, it is an art that can change lives, starting by her very own. The dancer became a choreographer, a coach, a “dance-trepreneur” who shares her compelling enthusiasm and passion to many.

Mutua Matheka,Photographer/Content Producer, Kenya

Nairobi-based photographer Mutua Matheka created his own production structure to express his vision of photography as “the power of observation” in a life mission: create the first complete photographic portrait of the African city.